The Jinn-Bot of Shantiport

A retelling of the Aladdin story, complete with wish-granting Jinn, set in a cyberpunk world inspired by southeast Asia sounded like a brilliant idea. The Jinn-Bot of Shantiport isn't a perfect book by any stretch, but it gets some things right and they're a lot of fun.

The Men Can't Be Saved

Seth is a junior copywriter whose latest tagline just went viral. He’s the agency’s hottest new star, or at least he wants his coworker crush to think so. But while he’s busy drooling over his future corner office, the walls crumble around him.

Convenience Store Woman

Tokyo resident Keiko Furukara has never fit in but when at the age of 18 she begins working at the Hiiromachi branch of national convenience store chain Smile Mart, she realizes instantly that she has found her purpose in life. But, after 18 years, she is pressured to make a change.

A Magic Steeped in Poison

For Ning, the only thing worse than losing her mother is knowing that it's her own fault. She was the one who unknowingly brewed the poison tea that killed her—the poison tea that now threatens to also take her sister, Shu.


The island homes of Wranglestone offer safe haven from the Dead, until winter comes, when nothing stops them from crossing the lake’s frozen waters…