Book Review

Being Christian - Rowan Williams

The aim of Being Christian is a simple task: to describe four fundamental acts that all Christians hold in common. Williams manages to carry of the task in a pleasant, accessible book ideal for small group discussion or as a tool for personal reflection.

The Art of Disruption

There are many glimpses throughout The Art of Disruption into a fascinating conversation about ecclesial culture, aesthetic expectations, and practices of inculturation.

Sabbath as Resistance

Brueggemann takes up the commandment to observe Sabbath and pits it against the societal values of constant consumption, production, and the evils of exploitative labour, societal exclusivity, and the effects of this rapacious behaviour on all of creation.

Seasons of Wonder

Seasons of Wonder is designed to allow you to gather together weekly with your loved ones and expand your understanding of divinity, specifically the radical but faithful idea that everything is sacred.