What's This Room For

The importance of speaking about Jesus like it's the first century in the twenty-first century.

Grief and Gifts in the Pandemic

When our routines are disrupted or ended, it’s a difficult thing. When routines we enjoy, appreciate and love are suddenly taken from us by circumstances beyond our control it’s more than difficult. It’s a deeply-felt loss and something that we grieve.

The Source of Life: Mystical Experience in the Liturgy

“One often gets the impression today that the liturgy is perceived more as a problem to be solved than as a source of life.” Whether one thinks of the liturgy as problematic or not, it is true that the Church intends its liturgical celebrations to be life-giving.

Deacons in the Eucharist

When present, there are a number of traditional and historical roles that deacons have in a Christian community’s celebration of the Eucharist. This article tries to cover and explain some of those roles.